mThink Light

Under the blue sky

Freedom illuminates the world

Put his free temperament to the fullest.

Make it feel good about that happy feeling.

MTHINK LIGHT,Light up the world,LED wonderful.
米想之光  照亮世界  LED精彩缤纷

Just for the sake of clarity now

Don't worry about a vague future

2020,Head to the future!



The first light of China

In that tall building.

LED blooms with infinite light

Just waiting for the sun for tomorrow

LED illuminates you and me's future

Just to decorate the dream of the future

Life doesn't use rehearsals

every one is live

LED wonderful and colorful, MTHINK Light Brilliant


Only by changing your attitude can we change the height of your life.


We're everywhere,

Wherever you see it,

Anywhere around you,

The colorful LEDs both indoors and out,

Light up the world at night,

It's infinite light, inclusive of all things,

It's scientific and technological progress, it's a rigorous reconciliation,

We set off from Shanghai.

galloping all over the country,

Take light to the world.

米世界  想未来 
mUHLAU  world,Want the future
米想之光  伴你前行
MTHINK LIGHT,Take you on your way

There's us.

Your way forward

No more darkness

On both sides of the road.

I wait edified

Welcome to you


米想之光  舞动青春

MTHINK LIGHTDan,cing Youth

Colorful Light Show

Each other

Dancing Youth

No complex expressions.

There's no sentiment.

To decorate the night.

Only for

To be the messenger of that beam of light

Go wandering with you

And then the guy who came into your blacklist.

The beginning is also a step on the colorful light

The one who lit up your whole world


Maybe the road ahead forever night

Even so, I have to move forward.

The night light is weak.

And for me.

Light up the future

MTHINK LIGHT,Light up the future 
米想之光  照亮前途
米想显示  互动未来
MTHINK Display,Interactive Future

How big is the heart?

How big is the stage?

The courage to start

to find a way to succeed.

Success belongs to someone who never gives up

Failure is not terrible.

It's terrible that I look down on yourself.

Seeds of self-confidence

There is no seeding of soil.


Mass entrepreneurship

Innovation for all

Inspiration to light up life

Entrepreneurship changes destiny

It's easy to start a business

It's hard to keep the job

Don't give up lightly

Otherwise I'm sorry for myself.

Stoic yourself

Stick to the future

Persistence is victory.

No way back is the best way back.

Team spirit is the real core competitiveness of the enterprise

As an employee

To achieve results

It's not enough to play with one or ten work energy

Must also improve your team work ability

Make the whole team work as one or ten

There's no perfect individual, only a perfect team.


Strive to do better

Do a project

Build a monument

Didn't do anything bad.

Only people who don't do good things.

Quality creates the future, details determine perfection

Dreams are a ray of light

Dreams are a ray of light

When the light shines on the future of life

When the ideal defines the goal of life

Rice wants to light up your world

Dreams light up your future

Quality is on

Appreciate a person

Start with the face value

Fit in character

Long after goodness

Finally, the character.

Select a display

Start son

In line with the price

Longer than service

Finally the effect


Giving up is a kind of wisdom.

No brave giving up

There's no brilliant choice.

All life experiences are a treasure.

Constantly increasing your pattern

Improve your self-improvement

Increase your confidence

Wind and rain

Keep going.

Giving up is a kind of wisdom

Righteousness is more important than profit

To see yourself

To see your opponent.

To see the target

To see the industry

To see the future

Internationalization is a capability

Globalization is a pattern

For the benefit of righteousness
米想之光  照亮你我
MTHINK LIGHT,Light you and me

At this moment,

Your light shines on me

If you say,

You're the brilliant Star River

It's so bright that people want to cry.

I'm chasing your eyes

Always looking out at the night sky when you're alone