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Company Profile
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Shanghai mThink Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Muhlau Holdings (Muhlau Holdings - mThinkLED - department specializing in the sale of LED application products and operation management LED engineering project-based high-tech enterprises, integrating the industry LED research and development, LED technology, marketing management, team elite, under the leadership of Milau Holding Group, for many years focused on LED display engineering, LED lighting engineering, LED landscape lighting engineering, LED landscape lighting engineering, LED landscape lighting engineering, LED landscape lighting engineering, LED road lighting engineering, LED commercial lighting engineering, LED smart home lighting engineering design, production, sales, installation, construction and maintenance, and with the international and domestic well-known LED display, LED lighting enterprises to carry out a wide range of project cooperation, business involving Europe, the United States, Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia and other places, with independent cargo and technology import and export business operations.

The company has formed LED display, LED commercial lighting, LED road lighting, LED landscape lighting, LED home lighting, LED lighting lighting, LED electronic accessories eight series of products and LED display engineering, LED lighting engineering, LED urban landscape building lighting engineering, large-scale outdoor LED advertising engineering, solar photovoltaic lighting engineering, landscape engineering, weak electrical engineering, smart home engineering, steel construction engineering, construction decoration project. To meet the professional needs of different customers, is committed to providing users with high-quality, high standards, high-demand services.


       mThink optoelectronics to revitalize and develop China's national cause, vigorously promote energy conservation, energy conservation and emission reduction, environmental protection, serve the growing material and spiritual needs of the community as its own responsibility, vigorously implement the "branding, internationalization, scale, specialization, network" development strategy, and actively promote the "domestic network, international radiation" marketing system construction, has been expanded to the global project. Sun-yin perfect network marketing system, channel marketing strategy and vertical management model in the optoelectronic industry has formed a unique comprehensive advantage. All over the business collaboration system and by a number of elite steam composed of excellent team, with the strength of providing customers at home and abroad with a full range of comprehensive services. In China's optoelectronics industry and domestic and foreign customers increasingly influential.

"To become the world's leading LED photoelectric engineering field integrated operating service provider" is the enterprise vision of Mi want optoelectronics, "let partners rest assured that customer satisfaction" is the business philosophy of Mi want optoelectronics. Mi want optoelectronics will rely on industry colleagues and the vast number of domestic and foreign customers strong support, adhering to the "future co-creation, resource sharing, win-win cooperation" of the core values of the enterprise, continued healthy growth and development.  

Since the establishment of the company, we have been a highly professional spirit, in the field of LED photoelectric engineering hard work, with our integrity and professionalism, to Shanghai as the headquarters, to the Yangtze River Delta, the Golden Triangle, the Yellow Triangle as the center, to the global goal. Has been with many well-known enterprises at home and abroad to establish a long-term cooperative relations.

Mi want people always adhere to the "honesty-oriented, people-oriented" purposes. Adhering to the "hard service, heart communication, heart to do things" concept. To "customer demand" as the center, standing in the customer value position, to provide cost-effective solutions for customers to create value.

Rice wants people to keep pace with the times at the same time, always maintain a peaceful and full of enthusiasm. Constantly explore the industry's frontiers and new technologies, so as to pursue better quality, to create a more internationally competitive brand enterprises. We continue to absorb the industry's top talent, day by day to improve the enterprise's own management system and production model. We sincerely provide customers with quality services, intentions for customers to do a good job of orders, and ultimately to the interests of customers-oriented, to achieve eternal cooperation and win-win situation.


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