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LED display, LED landscape lighting engineering, LED lighting engineering
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10+ years of LED engineering experience, so that you can rest assured
Talent Concept
Quality creates the future,Details determine perfection
Use talent, People do their best
Talent is the soul of the enterprise, the company regards talent as the greatest wealth, and always regards talent as the foundation of enterprise development, competition, development.
The company upholds the people-oriented belief, meritocracy, people make the best of their talents, pay attention to the introduction and re-training of talent, supporting a full range of technical and business training, respect each employee's personality and results, enhance the ability of employees at all levels in the work, so as to find talent, train talent, respect talent, develop talent. The company has a young, highly educated staff, a harmonious and warm working environment, a hard-working team spirit. We believe that: Mi want to be a broad stage for you to display your talents, to become a broad space for you to show your talents, to achieve your ambition of the ideal platform.
Compensation and benefits
Companies in the same industry competitive compensation, and has various bonus mechanisms such as: quarterly awards, full-time awards, project awards, special awards, annual awards, etc. , high-end core talent, according to performance, enjoy employee shareholding plan, four-year income protection plan, career partner award fund and other medium- and long-term incentive plan.
In accordance with national policies, employees are paid five insurance benefits, including old-age care, medical treatment, work injury, unemployment, maternity insurance and housing provident fund.
Provide internal promotion opportunities and various internal and external training opportunities.
Health management center, outdoor activities from time to time.
Social security


Happy afternoon tea, night night night, annual health check-up, team activities, holiday gifts, birthday gifts, wedding gifts and so on.
5-15 days of paid annual leave, marriage leave, maternity leave and other statutory leave.
For eligible active employees on behalf of the transfer of accounts.