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CEO Message
CEO Message
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CEO Message:

Impeachment of a wave, mThink mi photoelectric has gone through the road for ten years, from the original advertising media, building decoration industry, development into LED optoelectronics and other industries such as integrated companies, in the construction of smart cities and night travel economic industry has made a new contribution. Rice want people have been growing in the exploration, learning, in practice to understand, improve, in the development of accumulation, precipitation.

Along the way, we thank the history for the opportunities and challenges, thanks to the support and love of the local governments, thanks to the trust and cooperation of our customers, thanks to the support and help of the various collaborative units, and thanks to the wisdom and dedication of every one of the people who want to think.

Over the past ten years, we have always carried forward the culture of Mi want--- harmonious culture, co-creation, sharing, win-win situation. Because our projects have been all over China's eastern, western and central regions, across the motherland's great river north and south, because our entrepreneurial team from all over the world, tolerant understanding and support of different cultural backgrounds and the same cultural concepts, in the realization of corporate values at the same time, the common practice of social responsibility.

For ten years, we have always adhered to the mission of Mi want--- so that every corner of the world shows the glorious history of Mi want. Because we are constantly pursuing perfection, constantly the pursuit of quality, the pursuit of excellence, and strive to achieve the "mThink brand" ideal, the realization of the "100-year foundation industry" dream.

Over the past ten years, we have always carried out the purpose of Mi want --- create value for customers, create benefits for employees, create benefits for society. Because in the new historical development period, keep pace with the times, will be safe into the development strategy of Mi want, in order to build a harmonious enterprise, building a harmonious society efforts.

Over the past ten years, we have always shaped the spirit of Mi want--- harmony, tolerance, unity, diligence, truth-seeking, pioneering, innovative, pragmatic, dedication. Because we not only shaped a solid character, hard-working and dedicated mi want team, in the enterprise to success at the same time return to the community.

Ten years, we have always advocated the concept of Rice want--- attentive service, heart communication, hard work. Because we are following and carrying forward the essence of rice want culture and thought, to build the appeal of corporate credit, to build a management atmosphere of benevolence etiquette.

For ten years, we have been practicing mi want to --- do the world's advanced LED photoelectric operating service providers. Because we insist on continuing to go out, close to the market, close to customers, to carry out close, zero-distance high-quality security services of the enterprise development strategy, improve the continuous competitive advantage of enterprises, to achieve the common development of enterprises and customers.

However, compared with many well-known enterprises at home and abroad, we also have a clear gap, we also face a huge challenge, "no best, only better", I believe that in the vast number of customers and collaboration units, as always, in the support of each of us, we will continue to change in innovation, in the transformation of growth. History gives us the opportunity, the future to show us is more hope, we will use our passion, our blood, our wisdom, our sincerity, the achievement of our common cause, to achieve our common mission - to build a century-old foundation industry, cast rice think (mThink) brand, so that every corner of the world is showing the glorious course of rice!