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Scope Of Business
Scope Of Business
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China mThink optoelectronic (mThinkLED) core business scope:

LED electronic display:

Outdoor full-color LED display:

P3/P4/P5/P6/P7/P8/PH10/PH12/PH12.5/PH16/PH20/PH25/PH31.25 Outdoor Full Color LED Display; PH37.5 LED Grid Screen;

Indoor full-color LED display:

P1.0/P1.25/P1.37/P1.53/P1.56/P1.66/P1.839/P1.86/P1.86/P1.92/P2/P2.5/P3/P4/P5/P6 Indoor Full Color LED Display;

Indoor, semi-outdoor, outdoor monochrome/two-color/bottom-color LED display:

P3/P4/P5/P6/P7.62/P10 Indoor, semi-outdoor, outdoor (monochrome/two-color/bottom) LED display;

Other LED displays:

LED glass transparent screen, LED shape screen, LED spherical screen, LED floor tile screen, LED door front screen, LED color screen screen, LED rental screen, LED color screen, LED background screen, LED mobile car screen, LED paint screen, LED light bar screen, LED digital screen;

LED lighting:

LED outdoor (commercial/road) lighting:

LED street lights, solar photovoltaic LED street lights, LED tunnel lights, LED traffic lights, LED cable lights, LED mining lights, LED line lights, high-power LED wash wall lights, high-power LED spotlights, LED curtain wall lights, LED projection lights, LED wall lights, high-power LED underwater lights, LED Buried lights, LED floor tiles, LED lawn lights, LED garden lights, LED landscape lights, LED main cast lights, LED wall lights, LED corner lights, LED corrugated lights, LED window lights, LED hugging tree lights, LED chain lights, LED point light source, LED cross star lights;

LED indoor (home) lighting:

T5/T8/T10 LED fluorescent, LED lamp, LED infrared and voice-activated smart fluorescent lamp, LED grid lamp, LED bubble lamp, LED downlight, LED ceiling lamp, LED lamp cup, LED panel lamp, LED ceiling lamp, LED wall lamp, LED track lamp, LED bean bile lamp, LED stage lamp, LED fiber optic lamp;

LED lighting (landscape) lighting:

LED line lights, LED guardrail pipes, LED digital tubes, LED point light sources, LED wash wall lights, LED spotlights, LED projection lights, LED floor tiles, LED star lights, LED mesh lights, LED cherry tree lights, LED water lights, LED wall lights, LED hard lights, LED soft light strips, led led meteor lights, LED rainbow tubes, LED strings, aerial rose lights, LED LED meteor lights, LED lights;

LED advertising lighting:

LED module, 3528 LED patch module, 5050 LED patch module, LED hard light strip, LED exposed lamp string;

LED electronic accessories:

LED control system, LED controller, LED video processor, LED switch power supply, etc.

LED Application Engineering:

LED display engineering, LED lighting engineering, LED urban building landscape lighting engineering, LED smart home engineering, solar photovoltaic / wind LED lighting engineering, LED LCD stitching screen project;

The ancillary works:

Landscape engineering, weak electrical engineering, smart home engineering, monitoring engineering, audio engineering, signage-oriented engineering, large-scale outdoor advertising engineering, steel structure engineering, building decoration engineering.