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mThink CSR
  Quality creates the future,Details determine perfection

One: Responsible for employees

1, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees

(1) Compensation and benefits

(2) Protection of legitimate rights and interests

(3) Health management and safety precautions

2, improve the quality of employees and care about employee growth

(1) Good training mechanism

(2) Communication and collaboration

(3) Job responsibilities and promotion channels

3, create a harmonious and friendly happy working atmosphere

(1) Enrich the amateur life and cultural tourism and sports activities of employees

(2) carry out support activities to convey the warmth of love

4, employee responsibility key indicators

Two: responsible to shareholders

1. improve the company's organizational structure

2. continue to improve the level of corporate governance

3. To achieve planned goals, achieve diversified development, ensure asset appreciation and achieve good returns

4. strengthen wind control management (internal control and external control) and enterprise compliance management.



Third, responsible to the customer

1, improve professional service capabilities and service levels

2, improve service quality and service efficiency

3, do a good job of value-added services and enhance star service

4, enhance the brand strategy and service value

5, building customer big data management

6, integrity and legal operation

7, to meet customer value proposition and continuously improve technology and product innovation

Four, responsible for partners and industry

1, strengthen strategic cooperation, expand the company's business

2. Strengthen investment cooperation and enhance investment returns

3, strengthen supply chain management, enhance partnerships

4, support related industry research and cooperation

V. Responsible for the environment and society

1, save energy, protect the environment, serve the community

2, public welfare donations, help the community, support charitable public welfare undertakings

1. Helping particularly poor areas and vulnerable groups

2. Public welfare sponsorship, public welfare aid, support for poor college students

3. Caring for society, giving yourself, participating in volunteer activities.