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Corporate Culture
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Make the world a better place, make the planet greener, 

make people healthier, and make mThink more spiritual.  

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mThink Culture

                                             mThink slogan

Muhlau World, mThink Future.

mThink solution

Rice is the fundamental, life, the future, the rice, think is the thought, the ideal, the dream, the thought.

mThink View

To the benefit of righteousness, to know for wisdom, to be straight, to suffer for

the benefit, to lose for the gain, to retreat into, to peace as your sfore,

To small for the big, to less for more, to righteous as a rope, to bitter ness as a joy, to the strength as weak, to the responsibility of the body, to make up for the poor,

To static brake, to the moral body, to German complaints, to serve people, to sincere-oriented, to ancient as a mirror, people-oriented.

mThink Thought

People take me, people give me. Borrow, borrow, borrow wisdom.

mThink Spirit 

Harmony, tolerance, unity, hard work, truth-seeking, innovation, pragmatic dedication, gratitude, dedication, unity.

mThink Strategy 

Scientific development, continuous innovation, lifelong learning, advancing with

the times. 

mThink Hiring Principles 

There is virtue and talent, broken re-use; 

No virtue, limit the use; 

mThink service slogan 

For customers to do better products and better engineering projects are our 

eternal pursuit of the goal.

mThink Incentive Rewards and Punishments 

If you want to pay for the enterprise, you have to pay for the enterprise first. 

mThink work experience 

Take the work as a career to do, and try your best to do it, regardless of the 

gains or losses. Work to the end! 

mThink Mentality 

Keep a normal heart, maintain a good attitude. 

The best return for starting a business and investing is persistence. 

mThink Quality 

Knowledge, innovation, five virtues.

mThink Entrepreneurship Philosophy 

Arm yourself with knowledge, add yourself with innovation, ask yourself with 

five virtues, 

With cooperation to develop their own, with integrity based on their own, with perseverance to achieve their own. 

mThink is the world 

To strong for the weak, to retreat into, to bitter for pleasure. Losing is a blessing! 

Start from a big point of view and from a small place. Humble honesty, natural adjustment. 

mThink Management Mechanism 

Efficient management, full decentralization. More guidance, less management. 

mThink Principles 

Less say more, more communication; 

Unavoidably. Learn to think differently.


mThink stoain 


Scientific management, the pursuit of quality, quality first, customer satisfaction. 

Security management 
Security is the biggest politics of enterprises;  
Safety is the greatest benefit of society; 

Safety is the greatest benefit for employees. 

Performance management 

Strict work (delivery) period, quality assurance, reduce costs, save energy, protect the environment. 

Risk management 
Risk is the product of profit, not desire. Risk always comes first.

To learn to control risk, manage risk, avoid risk, to take risks. 

mThink the idea
Development concept 
Challenge yourself, challenge the future, challenge your opponents; 
Beyond the self, beyond the future, beyond the opponent. 
Technical concepts   
With each passing day. 
Business philosophy 
To customer needs as the center, to the user's satisfaction as a guide.  

Enhance market competitiveness with credit to manage risk suppression. 

Service concept 
Heart service, heart communication, heart to do things; 

Emotional service, attention to detail, pursuit of excellence. 

mThink to aim 
Create value for customers, create benefits for employees, create benefits for society. 
Innovation as the soul, talent as the pillar, market-oriented, 
Quality for life, management to promote efficiency, brand development.