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P1.25 Indoor small pitch LED display

P1.25 Indoor small pitch LED display

Detailed parameters
General specifications
Pixel diameter 1.25mm
Point Center distance 1.25mm
Pixel density 64000point/m2
Unit board size 320 x 160mm

Show specifications
Screen resolution 256 x 128
Show Base Color Full Color
Pixels make up 1R1G1B
Visual angle Horizontal: 160 degrees, vertical: 160 degrees
Visible distance s1.3m
Brightness s500cd/m2

Electrical specifications
Maximum power 580W/m2

Other specifications
Refresh frequency s3840HZ
Drive mode Constant current drive
Lifetime s 10000 hours

Product features
Product Feature 1 Scan: 1/32 Scan
Unit plate weight: 0.5kg
Maximum current: 6.6A
Lamp Type: SMD1010
Attenuation rate: 15%
Blind spot rate: 0.0003, 0 at the factory
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