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Outdoor full color display technology solution
Source: | Author:mthinkled | Published time: 2019-01-23 | 2618 Views | Share:
Shanghai mthink photoelectric Co., Ltd. - outdoor full color display technology solutions
System description: 
The system consists of editing part, display part, audio and video control part, automatic control part (light sensor, temperature and humidity sensor, smoke sensor), monitoring part, etc.
  The editing section is edited by the customer through an editing machine, and then the edited files are transmitted to the broadcaster through the network and played in a predetermined manner. Audio and video control system by video recorders, DVD players, square broadcasting system, closed-circuit television, satellite receivers and other video equipment, multi-voice video console can be broadcast through the serial port to achieve unattended automatic playback function and can be pre-arranged according to the customer to play a variety of videos.
System functions: The video equipment can be broadcast by a multi-voice video control machine (not less than 8 circuits) according to the user's needs to play a suitable video program or the video program after editing by the subtitle machine.