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Why choose us
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LED display, LED landscape lighting engineering, LED lighting engineering
10 years of LED engineering experience, so that you can rest assured
What do we do?
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LED display engineering, LED landscape lighting engineering, LED lighting engineering
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  Quality creates the future,Details determine perfection
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Thanks to all our customers, friends, suppliers and partners who support them, corporate honor belongs to you.

In 2008 involved in the LED industry, in 2012 set up Shanghai Mito Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., headquartered in China-Shanghai.
Muhlau world, Think future. Professional design, construction, installation and after-sales as one of the LED engineering solutions service providers.

LED Product Line
Quality creates the future,Details determine perfection
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Quality creates the future,Details determine perfection
LED Service Process
Quality creates the future,Details determine perfection
3. Free design
4. Sign a contract after satisfaction
1. Understand the initial needs
2. Free Survey
7. Full after-sales service
5. Construction and installation of the project
6. Project Organization Acceptance
3 Advantages, Give you the best guarantee
Factory direct sales, save the middleman difference, save you more costs
Modern co-manufacturing base
Projects all over the world

Manufacturing base 200000 square meters LED photoelectric industrial park, big brand worthy of trust.

Built 100,000 GMP workshop, and built warehouse, scientific research, office and other supporting facilities.

Multiple fully automatic production lines, a number of sets of international advanced automatic packaging, inspection and inspection equipment.
Strict implementation of LED product quality, supply chain management and health and safety management standards.
From LED design, procurement, production, construction, installation, after-sales and other links to strictly control the quality.
300 and first-line professional engineering construction personnel, 20 and 20 LED senior technical engineers to serve you.
LED Project Consulting
Six service sectors, strict quality management, to ensure high quality LED products
A number of international certification, layer-by-layer strict quality inspection
Free 24-hour consultation to make service more worry-free
Lifetime after-sales maintenance of multiple strategic cooperative service providers around the world

Professional training system, free service guidance throughout the process, so that products speak, so that customers worry.  

7 X 24 hour service hotline, free door-to-door technical support, equipment repair during the warranty period.

After-sales worry-free, free matching operation training, make the display more perfect, make the video more dazzling
Global SVIP Customer Service Hotline​​
+86-21-61727700 400-837-9788
7X24 hours SVIP hotline
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Quality creates the future,Details determine perfection
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Insist on cost control from raw materials to installation processes. For customers to provide quality products.

Fair price, after-sales satisfaction
Delivery on time

Delivery is on time. LED display delivery is very satisfactory to me. The quality is very good, very professional.

Sincere to customers, and very creditworthy! Cooperation soon, currently in their home cooperation projects are very smooth, the company's overall sense of service, trustworthy.

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Quality creates the future,Details determine perfection
My favorite partner.
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Quality creates the future,Details determine perfection
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